Tuesday, July 19, 2011


So maybe I'm a bit of a perfectionist. Often I find the results of my perfectionism to be absolutely satisfying. It keeps me motivated, focused, driven and I feel good about the completed task I've worked so hard on. But then there are times where I'm left feeling depleted, exhausted, overwhelmed and disappointed.
That is why I absolutely LOVE this WOMAN'S DAY ARTICLE, featured in the August 2011 edition. Let's face it, many of us struggle with perfectionism. It may be a desire to be the perfect SPOUSE, the perfect PARENT, the perfect STUDENT, the perfect CHILD, the perfect EMPLOYEE (this could go on & on). Regardless of how you live out your perfectionism, you've probably found their can be perks at times but pitfalls at other times.
I'm generally a perfectionist when it comes to the "state" of my home if company is coming over. I've tried relaxing on this and have had moments of success, you know, like not wiping down all the baseboards or re-organizing the tupperware cupboard. Real success, huh? Luckily, "The Hubs" is a bit more rational with such issues and offers good balance in this arena. He is also extremely helpful in times where I just can't let things go, like a couple weeks ago, when I thought surely the whole house needed mopping before we left for vacation. What would the house-sitter think of all those dust-bunnies?
Let's face it, when it comes down to it, it's like Heather Lende says, "Life's not a contest, and no one gets a prize for the cleanest kitchen."

So in the spirit of "time-saving," I've hung up my perfectionist ways this week 
and here are some of the results:

Front Entry

Living Room


We're also not having any company over until this mess is cleaned up. 
C'mon, I have my limits people!

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