Thursday, February 23, 2012

Free Kindle Books

Here are a couple of free Kindle Books to download to your Kindlecomputer, or other free reading app.
“Nothing is what it seems in the offbeat and out-of-the-way town of Eureka, California. Shrouded in fog and hidden behind a curtain of redwoods, this rundown mill town is home to a peculiar cast of characters, a unique homegrown horticultural industry, and one of the last bookstores in America.”
“Does God exist? The court room setting is the perfect vehicle to deliver arguments for and against the existence of God.”
Download A Higher Court
“A frightening story that gets you thinking, what if….”
Download the political thriller ‘Permanent Interests”
Readers of Silva, Forsyth and Ludlum will enjoy this taut thriller written by a man who worked in the twilight world of government secrets.
Note: Remember that prices can change, so make sure it is still free when you download. Please use your discretion when downloading these books. I am not personally recommending them, just letting you know they are available.

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